Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kid Sandwich

For the past couple of weeks we've been 'kid sandwiches' at night. I wake up contorted, in pain and miserable. BUT ... my littles are snoozing like little angels right beside me. No matter how many times I carry them back to their own bed ... they migrate back to us in the night. The order of our 'sandwich' goes something like this:


We are wall to wall legs, arms and butts every night, and we're also the meat that holds this sandwich together. Von and I literally have to hold the outside kids onto the bed.

We've had so many 'thumps' when they hit the floor that I've gone out and bought bed rails for our bed. Something is seriously wrong with this picture, eh? I would love to have a aerial view of our bed in the middle of the night. A triple decker sandwich!

So now instead of slamming the floor face first when they roll out, Meg and Sam are crunched against the new bed rails instead.

Ever been a kid sandwich??? .... and what can I do about it??? Help!!!