Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas is over and the tree is down, everything is put away and the halls are undecked.

You see, I had procrastinated and put the tree up at the last moment and taken it down on Christmas night. We're in such a mess here and so cluttered and so jam packed with kid things, construction, new toys, old toys and the things in life necessary to raise children in today's world. The busyness of life and jobs and trying to do more than I can do in my 24 hours of life each day, made me really dread the season this year.

I lost track of all the cute little things Sam, Jay and Meg said to me about Christmas and Jesus and presents. I lost track of their excitement and enthusiasm as Christmas drew near ... and I wallowed in the mess I had created and the pity of what all I had to do. I became overwhelmed with all the toys and boxes and presents and the lack of what to do with it. I don't have a clue where to put everything or what to do with it. I lack space, storage and organization right now ... and it's as if Wal-Mart opened it's door and rained down on us. ... and here I complain when so many have so much less, and I should be grateful, but I'm not ... I'm simply overwhelmed.

Then today, in a quiet moment this evening as the kids were playing with their new toys .... Sam said, "Mommy, when Santa Claus comes next year for Christmas ... I want him to bring you some sparkles and a big hug."

How does one small little boy know that his Mommy was needing some sparkles and a hug?" The realization that my little boy knew that my heart wasn't into it this year made me sad, but the thought that his wish for me next year is sparkles .... and as for the hugs, I'll get them all through the year.

I'm glad my littles are only four years old this Christmas ...because as time marches on they'll remember more and I would never want them to remember that their Mommy didn't have sparkles on Christmas.

Did you lose your Sparkle this year, and if so .... what did you do to find it again?