Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year ~ 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am sitting here all alone enjoying the peace and quiet and knowing that my littles are all tucked up in their beds sound asleep. I kind of miss the excitement of bringing in the New Year, but for this year, I think I'm enjoying knowing that everyone here is asleep.

Bring on the New Year with health and wealth and good times!

On a another note, I just talked to all my big kiddo's as well to wish them a Happy New Year! Here's the run down:

Josh - I believe my oldest son is at a party. He thinks it will help ease the loneliness and heartache that he's had lately with the breakup of his family. Mama doesn't believe in parties! They only get you in trouble. He has partial custody of Luke and it's been trying times the last few months or so to get through all the battle and bitterness that breakups can cause. He doesn't get Carter as much as he'd like, but as Carter gets older I'm praying that everything falls into place, for both Josh and Amy. So Happy New Year Josh ... Mama loves you even if I did get the big brush off just a few minutes ago when the bells were ringing! I understand ... I'm just your Mother! I have this feeling in my soul that Josh is in for some very big changes in his life and that he is on the verge of a very radical soul cleansing with God as his Pilot. My prayer and wish for Josh in this new year: Hope, Happiness and Trust in God.

Juli/Derek - Juli and Derek spent the evening with a few friends and all the kids. It sounds like they spent New Years Eve entertaining little folks! Juli said they played Wii and watched movies! It's been a good year for Juli. She married Derek this past August and not only did she find a wonderful husband ... she gained a beautiful little boyfriend named Landen. She's also been busy in school finishing her degree to become a Engineer. You go Juli! Derek works for a Coal Mine and can you just imagine being 6'6" and working underground!? That guy needs to go back and finish his Architect degree. One semester to go and he'll be done. I'm going to have to have a talk with that boy! My prayer and wish for Juli in this new year: Joy and Faith

Joey/Mariah - Joey called me at exactly midnight on the dot a little bit ago and I could barely hear him yelling at me. For the past three days, this kid has been out in Kansas City, MO with 16,000 other young adults at IHOP (International House of Prayer) at Mike Bickel's 'One Thing 2008' conference. Joey's words to me after telling me Happy New Year was, "Mom ... just listen to this! The concrete floor is shaking. There is over 16,000 people in this building praising and worshiping God at the same time. It's an eruption Mom!" How lucky am I that he chose to call his Mom to listen to it. Joey's dream is do an internship at IHOP for three months after graduating from St. Louis Christian College next year. Joey and Mariah will be getting married July 18th of this year and we have a lot of wedding planning to do. My prayer and wish for Joey in this new year is: Peace and continued love for God.

Jared/Elissa - They spent the evening in a more quiet manner with some friends. My kind of evening! They're settling into the "old married folks" routine. I like it that way ... I don't have to worry about them being out on the roads! Elissa has two years to go in Optometry school and they'll be moving back home. If all goes well, Jared will teach around home and Elissa will start a practice. I miss them so much. But I'll be seeing my Mississippi kids here this Saturday to celebrate Christmas and Jared's birthday. I promised that kid of mine some homemade fried Chicken ... now I've gotta keep my promise and follow through! It doesn't seem like they've been married for a year and a half. I'm still waiting for them to walk through the door like they did a lot while they were still in college. How does a Mom let her baby grow up?! My prayer and wish for Jared in this new year is: Strength and Love.

As a Mom to seven kids I think my prayer and wish for myself this coming year is all of the above. I'm praying for Hope, Faith, Love, Happiness, Strength, Joy, Peace, Trust and for my kitchen to be finished!

Do you have prayers and wishes for your kids and yourself? ... and may you all be blessed and have a wonderful New Year!