Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kitchen Remodel: in for the long haul

Here's a picture of the cabinets I've chosen for my 'new' kitchen. 

Everything has been worked out for me to utilize every little bitty square inch of space that I have.  Along the back wall, it will look just like the picture ... but the Island will look different.  Half as small on the back side, and the legged side will wrap around a short wall with cabinets above it and come out into my dining room.  So, really it will be a island/hutch/bar/cabinet/hiding place/storage kind of thingy!  Not getting the picture, eh???  Me either ... really!  But that's what the designer man came up with and I love it!

I went for a farmhouse look in the cabinets and I love the legs on the Island, but the REAL reason I choose these cabinets is that I LOVE the range hood/light.  Of course mine will be against the wall and will be centered in the kitchen, and I absolutely LOVE the chimney of little drawers.  I figured I'd skimp on other things such as not getting a tile floor and getting Laminate counters instead of ROCK!  Oh, and some of my wall cabinets will have glass doors.  I couldn't skimp on that either.

This has been a long time coming for me.  MM and I are as different as night and day ... when I say that, I mean total opposites like trying to force magnets together that are turned backwards!  But he's coming around ... slowly and with a bit of force.  He could literally live out of a paper sack and be happy.  I can't.  But I can be happy out here if I have him and a new kitchen.  :)

Honestly, we need a new kitchen.  It's the only room in the house he had not redone.  It has the original cabinets that aren't 'mouse' proof and have no backs, and that I can't live with.  The rest of the house is good, nothing that a good color change won't fix ... and a new decor!

Eight years ago, when I came here ... to this farm, I had a great vision of how and what I would do to this house ... then life happened.  His parents death, miscarriages, triplets and a long rough road getting them to this stage ... but now, life is easy again and my vision is rearing it's head.  I'm getting sublimal messages that wake me up in the middle of the night with little messages and images of flooring, appliances, paint colors and faucets!  It's time.

I'll keep you posted .... and I'll let you know if MM doesn't recover from this project.  If not, I guess we won't be moving on to ripping out the west side of the staircase and making the hallway and stairway just one big opening!  If I was betting ... it's not in the cards anytime in the near future.  Oh well ... I can dream, eh?