Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Kitchen .... Again

Here's the computer drawings of the kitchen ... Yes, I gave up the range hood! It was either that or the legs to the island like thingy since the 4 legs alone cost as much as that gorgeous wood range chimney. A girl just can't always have it all you know!

So ... here's what I want to know. I'm thinking I'm wanting a stainless steel counter top on that thing. What do you think? Since my appliances will be stainless, I thought it would make a great work area and would go great with the stove and fridge. I'm also doing the back wall in a designed copper which will match the the long counter top. I'm thinking it will help lighten it all up a bit since there is a run of cabinets across that fifteen foot wall and they wrap around both ends.

Here's another angle. Oh, by the way ... I did away with that half pantry and opened it all the way up ... so I can display my Fiestaware Dishes. I love those things in all their bright colors! The dining room walls are going to be Robin Egg Blue and accented with Chocolate and Burnt Red! That should match all that Fiestaware! The only other change here will be the corner wall cabinet will have a glass door. Aren't computer programs amazing? It looks so realistic!

... and here's the opposite end. Again, I love the cabinets with no doors the best. I have until Monday to decide whether or not to add some stacked drawers small spice drawers under them all the way down to the countertop. What do you think?

These pictures make the cabinets look a bit like Oak ... but ours will be Cherry with a Spicy like Sunset stain. Love it! Like I've said before, my kitchen is galley ... long and skinny. Like 75 inches wide skinny! I think I've accounted for every single little bitty inch of space in there.

I bet Dawn at Lowe's would like to wring my neck as many times as I've been in there changing up things .. but let me tell you, she's awesome! That woman is a miracle worker. The funny thing is, it was all I could do to sit there beside her and watch her work her magic. If you know me ... I would have loved to have grabbed that mouse and started clicking away! She'd have been booting me right out the door!

So can you picture it? All those Fiesta dishes in all those cubby holes and a Robin Egg Blue room? I'm not sure yet what little bit of wall space I'll have in the kitchen, what color it will be .... I'm thinking maybe a light Pistachio or a Burnt Red?

Help ... I need opinions! Oh ... and MM needs to take a chill pill!