Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy Play Day

Today was the first time my children have ever played in the snow.  Yes, I know they're four years old and I should have let them at least had a taste of snow, but I was so anal about them getting sick that we bypassed all the snow and hibernated in the past three years.  But today was the day .... and it was wonderful.  They had so much fun and now we can't wait to do this again tomorrow!

The four-wheeler wouldn't start so guess who pulled them around, up and down and all over?!  I think he had just as much fun as these kiddo's.  Not once did they complain and want to go in the house.
I think this is one of the biggest snows we've had in years and years.  All our neighbors were without electricity ... except us.  Thank you God ... it would have been a hard day!   ... and since all our neighbors are all Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, they ventured down here ... some for Spaghetti and some to play in the snow!

Laura (cousin and Meg's BFF) taught them about icicles before they had a "ice sword" fight which included kicking up snow and having a blast!  Thank you Laura ... you made their day fun.
If it wasn't for all the layers of ice I think they might have sunk in the snow.  No snowballs or snowmen this time around ... the snow was like powder ... just lots of it!

I just had to get a close up of each one of the kids.  I love seeing the sparkle in their eyes. This is Jay.
This is Sam.  He had a hard time getting this bundled up ... he just didn't quite get the "layer up" thing.  But in the end, he did it.  

.... and Meg.  She would have stayed out all day!