Friday, February 6, 2009

102.8 = Hot

Hot?  Very.  But not Hot as in Haaught, Cool, Chic or RockStar Hot.  Just Hot as in ... sick.  Well, she is a RockStar most of the time .. but not today she says!

Today she was running a 102.8 temp and was a bit lethargic, and being Friday and right before a weekend, and no doctor availability except the ER or a MEC, we opted to take her in.

My girl has a very bad severe case of Strep and a full body Scarlet Fever Rash ... even on her toes.  She's as speckled as a dalmation pup with a sandpaper like rash all over.  She's not eating ... not drinking and not peeing much, and just not as peppy as normal.

But when the Doctor stepped out, we pulled out my little "point and shoot" camera that I always have in my purse and she pepped it up, boogied and posed a bit!

You know what they say ....  "Once a RockStar ... always a ROCKSTAR!"

Please send a few prayers her way everyone ... she's pretty under the weather tonight!