Sunday, February 15, 2009

D - Day

Tomorrow is the day ... for destruction and demolition of our kitchen. 

I am NOT ready for this.  I've waited a long time and now the day is here and I need another day to "get with it" and be ready.

My Job:  clean out the cabinets, put everything in totes, take down the blinds, curtains, shelves, "pretties" ... and pretty much clear out EVERYTHING!  I also have to sort what I will need over the next three to four weeks, and what I won't need until everything is completed.

Here is it almost midnight and the only thing I've got done is to divide the silverware and utensils and put them into three small totes.  I have six extra large totes lined up in the dining room to start loading ... BUT

I've eyeballed it ... and I think I can do it in ONE HOUR!  So I'm going to bed and I'll get up really early in the morning and get with it!  What can I say .... I work well under pressure!  Ha! 

Now that we're down to the last few hours before the crew arrives to makeover my kitchen ... I've decided that I want to flip flop the long wall and change things up again!  It ain't happening says MM!

(I'll make sure I get some good pictures of the demolition, and some before pics of the kitchen).