Monday, February 16, 2009

Kitchen "Day One" (plus some cute kids)

Bright and early this morning the kids were on watch .... and when the Contractors pulled in with their trucks and trailers and all their supplies, my kids were absolutely ecstatic. This was a first for them! Now I'm wondering how in the world I am going to survive this week!

Jay had his Binocular's out and was watching them as they started carrying tools and dry wall, boards, drills and hammers into our house.

Our appliances, new and old are in the dining room. The table is shoved up against a wall and the walls are stacked with a lifetime full of kitchen stuff. Where in the world did I get all this stuff!

Our living room is walking room only for all the totes of pots and pans, dishes and utensils that are stacked every where. Why do I need two Wok's and three electric skillets and a couple of crock pots? I have dishes from my Mother, Von's Mother, my Grandmother, his Grandmother and my own collection of oddballs. I have every day dishes, good dishes, and my Fiestaware dishes that are totally off limits.

Don't even get me started on Tupperware, Rubbermaid and Butter bowls ... and all the lids that couldn't possibly have had a matching bowl for the past two decades .... and I've only lived in this house for eight years!

In my opinion, we couldn't have picked a better contractor. He's as nice as can be ... and works fast and counts for every minute. In less than an hour, my old cabinets were gone!

These two guys are his helpers. They told me to tell you that they're both single and "looking." Ha! The young dude on the left is a whiz bang at texting and hammering at the same time! Anyone want his number??
This is the only part that makes me kind of sad to see go. For some silly reason, I loved this old corner cabinet. Even though I never knew the Grandmothers that lived here before me ... I kind of pictured in my mind that this was their spice cabinet. I like the old beadboard that it was made of, and I like the shine of the old varnish on it. So I had them to save it ... and I have it all in one piece with all the little shelves that were in it ... and maybe, just maybe ... I can talk MM into putting it back up on our closed back porch! So give him some blog love and tell him to get with it!
The double windows on both ends are now gone as I type this and they're starting to box it in .... by tomorrow it will be a whole new room!
Oh yeah, look at this guy below. His last years suit fell out of the ceiling when they took out the old soffet over the cabinets .... he sure was a big ole guy ... and I'm hoping he's moved on down to the neighbor's house by now!
I'm sure he thought it was morally and ethically wrong, and I'm sure it was totally against my husbands will, but I had to insist that he give me a bit of help this morning before the crew got here. For forty-five minutes straight ... we cleared my kichen and I was under my estimated time of one hour! I am good B.A.B.Y!
I call it skill .... he calls it procrastination!