Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Think I'm Fired ...

Well .... it's day two of the kitchen remodel, contractor people, mess, chaos (can't have anyone over syndrone) and I'm not faring as well as I was yesterday.

Yes, it's still early in the day and things aren't going so well for me.  My expertise is not carpentry as I had thought it was earlier this morning.  I've only chimed in twice so far and gave my opinion ... and I really don't think it was well received.  So I'll just stay out of the kitchen space with my camera until THEY leave.

I don't think they wanted me in there anyway.  I went to pee and when I came back there was a big gray canvas curtain covering the entire eight foot opening!  I got their drift .... loud and clear!  So now I'll just be going to work and be right on my merry way .. right after I finish this!

MM bailed out on me and hit the road right when they got here, and left me to fend for myself.  My first question to the guys went something like this, "Ummmm, the new window doesn't have a screen????"

I noticed that all three guys looked at each other, then at me, then back to the Boss!  He nonchalantly said, "Oh we can order one for you."

Then I had to point out that I didn't see a spot for a screen, and that I HAVE to have a screen because we have a barn with cows right on the other side of the driveway and all the flies in Gibson County hang out here in the Summer.  If I don't have a screen, then I can never open the window!  Then in the nicest voice I could muster up ... I ask him, "you won't have to exchange that window will you?"  Point.

A little history:  Two different times I had ask if I needed to go pick out my own window.  It's a woman thing you know!

Then about 10 minutes later I heard the buzzing of saws and I just had to check out what they were doing.  I'm curious you know.  We had already discussed the layout of the recessed lighting and where I wanted them to be.  There were four perfect little circles in just the perfect places ... except I noticed that they were a little close to the wall, and it hit me .... Are they a tad bit too close to where the crown molding will be?  So I ask the question, after I secretly snuck off to the bathroom to call Lowes and ask how far out the crown will come.

I swear I wasn't smug when I announced that 14.5 inches away from the wall would probably butt up against or lap over the canned rings wouldn't it?  That wouldn't look very pretty now would it.  I did tell him that I really wasn't very picky, but I sure would hate for him to have to redo the entire lighting ... it's easier to fix that now than have to redo the entire thing ... after all, at this point there is only four circles cut in the ceiling!  Yikes!

(Whew ... good thing I noticed that!)

So the decision was made to just go ahead and replace the entire ceiling with new drywall since those holes won't work.

(I sure am glad we have a proposal instead of paying Mr. Contractor by the hour.)

I'm going on to work now since I can tell that they don't want to talk to me anymore and they can't cuss in front of me because I can tell they're very nice men.

So, tonight when I get home, I've got to figure out exactly where I want the electrical outlets to be and how I'm going to decorate.  I certainly can't have a plug-in interferring with my decor!

However, I do have a plan.  In all this mess, I found a black permanent marker and I'm just going to draw my plan on the walls in there with a picture of a outlet with a line through it.

Think they'll get my drift or just ask me to come back next Monday?