Friday, February 20, 2009

Kitchen Drama - Part Never-ending!

This is the view looking into my kitchen. Most of this used to be a wall, but now it's opened up and going to be awesome!

This is also the view I'll see when the cabinets are all in. That far wall used to have a a bunch of windows, but as you can see, now we only have one little bitty window THAT THE CONTRACTOR PLACED TOO HIGH AND HAS TO MOVE IT! (according to me).

I may not be a Carpenter, but after all the planning and looking at cabinets and books, even I came to the accurate conclusion that my base cabinets are only maximun thirty-six high with a thick counter top!. Mr. Contractor told me that they were forty inches tall and with my counter's back-splash they would be forty-four inches! WRONG!

All the electric receptacle's are based on his measurements and are too high. We'll be lucky if the bottom of the top cabinets don't meet up with them. I am so upset ... and pretty much angry! This has been a disaster since Monday and now he's finishing up and only has to mud and sand one more time and then paint.

The recessed lighting is now done and I love them. There are two on each end and they'll have a bronze ring around them. I still have to pick out my main light fixture, and that's how I'll be entertaining the kids this weekend ... a shopping trip to Lowe's!
So what would you do? Live with it ... or insist that he lower my window? I'm only five foot tall and I can barely see out of it. I'm opting for FIXING it ASAP.
Now for what everyone's been wanting to know .... how we are living in here during all this with three kids. It's called CHAOS! (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrone) Are we in for a bad weekend or what? This is the dining room and we have a path and standing room only!
The new cabinets are in the garage waiting for next Thursday ... so stay tuned in for more progress!