Saturday, February 21, 2009

Problem Solved (drama over)

The window problem is solved, sealed and drywalled! Mr. Contractor came in this morning to mud one more time before sanding and painting and we went over measurements one more time.

HE came to the conclusion that the window was too high related to he read the blueprint wrong and thought my bottom cabinets were special ordered at a higher height. He immediately starting correcting it ... and the outlets will work. Only ONE single outlet is truly an eye sore to me .. but I can live with it. I would have preferred it lower since it's more in the center of the room, but it's also right beside the stove .. so it will do. I didn't have the heart to make him rewire my kitchen for just one outlet. The others are more towards the outer walls and I can deal with it.

WHEW ... I would just hate to have had to kick his butt! Ha!

Now my fret is whether to paint the ceiling bright white ... and paint the dining room ceiling a light contrasting color with the walls ... and I'm thinking I'm going to have a 18" Medallion above my Kitchen ceiling light since Mr. Husband will never go for taking down the ceiling fan in the Dining Room or the Living Room. I love the look and this is my only chance!

What do you think? Medallion or NO Medallion in the Kitchen?