Friday, April 3, 2009

Purging Mission 101

Early last week I had a brain storm. I figured that if I could totally hire someone to come into my house to purge and organize room by room, I could have my entire house done in 10 working days and only cost me about $800.00. Sounds so worth it, eh? Yeah right ....

I dreamed and planned and put it all down on paper ... room by room. I visioned total organization including painting, waxing, windows and walls. Details. Complete details. I was planning a purging mission ... and it was going to feel good.

Of course I had to run my idea quickly by Marlboro Man ... and in my head, I knew this wasn't going to fly! So I took the plunge, showed him my plan, took a deep breath and didn't give him a chance to shoot me down. See, he thinks everything out ... completely. Me, I'm compulsive. Very ... to the extreme. I get an idea and it's a reality in a matter of minutes! Him ... he thinks and chews on everything for days, weeks or months. That drives me nuts. Just make a freaking decision!

So since I didn't get a answer from him by the next morning ... I acted on my idea! Boy did I act. I hired someone just like me. Someone that thinks and talks a mile a minute and has a high energy level. Trust me ... these two heads together couldn't do it for long ... but a short job we can do just fine. She needs the job ... I need the results! Even if it takes my whole paycheck. I can deal with broke until the next paycheck rolls around. What good is money if you can't buy something and have somewhere to put it?!

The mission began Wednesday. I got her started and I went to work ... My plan was to start off with the living room. It is perfect. All the toys got sorted out and what wasn't age appropriate (no matter how much they are loved) ... they were purged! Everything was washed down and put in it's place. I'm loving this purging mission. Of course MM isn't talking to me anymore ... but who cares ... I'm on a mission!

The next day she tackled the kids room ... every stitch of clothing in this house fits someone or it is GONE! Their closet is organized and hung by color. It was OUT with the old and in with the NEW! Seasonal things are organized and labeled. I just love it!

Monday she's going to pick and peel wallpaper because it's on my plan. I'll have paint by then and when I come home ... I'll have a new dining room!

Tuesday she'll move on to the living room upstairs. Wednesday it's my bedroom. (God I feel so sorry for her) Thursday it's bathroom day! Clean organize and paint. Friday is her day of rest ... and Lord knows she's going to need it.

So when she starts over the following Monday ... I'm hoping she's stored up all the energy she can muster because it's time to work on my office/junk room/work room/storage room/knee deep in CRAP room. This room will be a two day job. I can't even begin to tell you how bad it is! I swear I haven't seen the floor in this room for two years. At this point I can barely open the door enough to squeeze through sideways ... and all I can say is ... This is going to feel so good when it's done!

In my plan ... everything that I don't/won't/can't use will end up on my front porch in totes and bags. Of course, then I will have to have another day to go through everything to make sure it's purgable!

No ... MM isn't very happy with me. Not that he won't like the end result, but he would never spend that much money on an extreme home cleanover. Me ... I'm on a purging mission! Money is only money ... but cleanliness is next to Godliness ... and it's so deep in here, we are sinking!