Monday, April 20, 2009

Sam's Boots

I don't know why I've had this on my mind for the last couple of hours, but I think it has something to do with personality, growing up, evolution, genetics and little boys that want to be like their Father.

Sam is set in his ways. His Dad is set in his ways. They're just alike ... two peas in a pod. Sam notices detail. He likes detail, and he doesn't like change to his detail. Just like his Dad.

Spring is here and it's coming in quickly ... and with it brings warmer weather. Sam isn't ready to give up his Winter details. Such as a green soccer shirt that he would like to wear 6 days a week and the same pair of jeans that he lovingly refers to as his Speech pants. (He must have wore them to Speech one day) These are the only pants he will wear. The same slim pair of size 3 Wrangler straight leg pants .... every day. With a patch on the back pocket. Just like his Dad.

I don't think he's caught onto the fact that we have more than one pair. My job is to keep them clean and ready for whenever the knees get dirty from a hard day of play, or a visit to the barn.

Sam also isn't ready to give up the boots he wears. As hard as I try to get tennis shoes on him ... he is always searching for his broken down boots. I've grown so accustomed to the click of his heels on our hardwood floors ... and I'm sure when Summer comes, even if I am lucky enough to get him into a pair of short pants ... he'll never give up those boots. Just like his Dad.