Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dear Meg,

Yesterday morning you got up early .... and wanted to go outside and take pictures.  I think that was your way of telling me that you needed some time for just you and me.  I love those moments with you.  Those moments that are just ours.  Just for girls .... as you call them.

We were outside when the morning light was just right .... just after 8:00.  The grass was wet as we walked around the house looking for the perfect spot to take pictures ... but you didn't mind.  You held my hand as we walked through the flower garden and you pointed out all the flowers that were yet to bloom.

It won't be long Meg ... and they'll all be blooming, with lots of different colors, and lots of different kinds.  It doesn't seem possible that you've grown another year older, and now you've bloomed too.  Last year's toddler child is gone and you're on your way.  You're beautiful!

I love you Meg,