Sunday, July 26, 2009

Because I'm the Mom

This is a vent.  Only a vent.  Nothing I say here can or will be used against me!  You promise???

This Monkey has reached the end of her rope.  They got the best of me, and it only took four and a half years to do it.  I truly thought I had the patience of a Saint and was the best Woman for this job.  The Saint business went right out the window this morning ... and I can't abandon the ship or give up the job, because I'm the Mom, and when you're the Mom ... it's for better or worse.

Some days it's a toss up which is better and which is worse. Here's my day, and you can sing it to any tune you'd like.

No No No No ... it's five AM, the sun's not up, lay down and go to sleep.  Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep! Be quiet in there ... don't wake up Sam ... I can't deal with that right now.  He's "one on one" and I'm too tired, too pooped to pop ... to pop, to pop, to pop!  You what?  Go pee?  Are you ser-eee-ous?  Just sneak down stairs ... quietly, don't talk to loud, don't run, don't play ... just pee and come back here.

All is quiet, I did my job, pillow here I come.  I can sneak a few more minutes in before my day begins.  What?!  You need a drink?  You want to eat?  You need your boots?  You want to play?  You don't like that shirt?  You need your Dad?  You don't like me?  You want that toy?  Don't cry ... don't cry .... don't cry.  Don't wake up Sam ... he's "one on one" and I'm too tired right now.

Let's lay on the couch and sneak some hugs before the day begins.  You watch TV... I'll close my eyes.  We'll take a nap and catch some ZZZZZZZ's.   Sushhhhhhh right now, don't wail that loud, there's room for both of you.  One on each side, I still can sleep.  Just don't wake up Sam ... he's "one on one" and I'm still tired, just thinking about our day.

The sun is up ... and so is Sam.  He's "one on one" and makes me play things I don't want to do.  Out to the sandbox?  Right now you say?  Blue jeans?  Gray shirt?  No food?  Just play?  Drink you Milk!  Eat your Food!  Wash your face!  Let's Go! 

No No No!  No sand in the house.  Drive that truck outside.  Water?  Where did you get that Water?  Shoes off the couch.  Take that out!  No bugs in the house!  Put that down.  Put that back.  Close that door, I'm chasing flies.  Sam, you're "one on one."

You need a bath.  You have sand in your hair.  What's on your hands?  Ewwwwww ... take off your clothes.  One at a time.  Stay out.  Close that door.  No bubbles.  Don't dump that shampoo in there ... in there ... in there.  Don't pee in the tub.  Don't pee in the sink ... Just don't Ppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sam did what?  Trash can in the tub?  Oh no ... oh no ... oh no!  The floor is wet.  Don't slip ... don't fall ... get out in the hall.  Stay there.  Sit down.  Wait your turn.  Don't fight.  Sam is "one and one" and I'm so tired.  It's only noon,

I need a drink ... I need a break.  I need to sleep.  I need to eat ... but I'm the Mom, and it's my job and it is only noon.  Clean up the mess.  Make some lunch.  Take a nap.  Take a break.  You're wearing me out ...  but I'm the Mom, and it's my job .... and I love you so much!

It's quiet now.  They're all asleep ... I get to go pee.  By myself, with only the dog for company.  Who threw the washcloths in the tub?  They're all wet.  They all were clean.  I'd wake up those kids and make them pay ... but I'm the Mom, and it's my job.  I'm so tired ... So here I sit and fingerpeck so I don't wake them up.  This is my break, and it still is only noon!   

It's all in a days work ... because, I'm the Mom!