Friday, July 24, 2009

Joey and Mariah {The Wedding}

Joey and Mariah got married Saturday ... and it was a good day for a wedding.  Mariah was a beautiful Bride and of course my son Joey was just as beautiful.  The look on his face as she walked towards him was priceless.  I'm surprised, knowing Joey, that he didn't stop the wedding and do "this" before anything even got started.
A Mom can't take more than one wedding a year you know.  This makes three in a row for my older kiddo's and most likely, I pray, the end of weddings for about twenty years ... until the Littles start getting hitched.
He loves her.  She loves him.  It made my heart feel so good for these two to get married.
Yes, I took their pictures ... and yes, I had help.  It wouldn't have been so cool to have a big camera bracket and flash hanging around my neck as I was escourted in, now would it?  Thank you Dana Shroeder for lending your expertise.
More to follow ....   I promise!