Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Okay Folks ... I think we're in trouble here!

Yesterday evening when I picked the Little's up from daycare, there were three papers in their daily pile for me to look at, sign and return. They were consents for their preschool to give information to the school system since they will be heading off to Kindergarten in the Fall. It was for THE "Kindergarten Readiness Checklist." So it got me to thinking .... "Well, are they ready?"

So this morning as I was driving them to Preschool, I thought I would ask them a few questions, just to test the waters and see how much my kids knew.

ME: "Hey Guys ... do you know what town we live in?" They all practically jumped through the straps of their carseats with hands in the air yelling, "I DO ... I DO"

So I picked Jay to answer that question. He grinned all over himself and his chest swelled, and he blurted out the answer with the biggest smile! "We live in the Country." No Jay! What's the name of the town ... it starts with a "O" (thinking I would give him a hint).

Still swelled up and smiling, he says, "On a Farm." Oh man ... we're flunking that question big time! So I tell them .... Oakland City, Indiana and they repeat it over and over and I think WE HAVE got it!

ME: "What is your Dad's name?" Sam blurts out, "Daddy." No Sam ... HIS REAL NAME? So Sam thinks a minute and Meg has her hand in the air ready to answer for him, then Sam puffs up and his eyes are twinkling and he says, "It's Daddy-O!" Oh Man ... we have failed!

So I remind them ... it's Von Siekman, just like you are Sam Siekman, Jay Siekman and Meg Siekman. We're all Siekman's! So they repeat it over and over and over ... and I think WE HAVE got it now!

ME: "What number would you call if Mommy or Daddy was hurt and you needed to get help here?" It's Meg turn to answer, and boy is she ever ready to show her stuff! She sticks her chin up in the air and yells out, "9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20" She forgot the question and just kept right on counting!!!! So I tell them ... "Remember, it's 9-1-1. So they keep saying it over and over and over, and I know they have it now!

Kindergarten is right around the corner and we have some work to do! BECAUSE ... ready or not ... School, here we come!