Sunday, April 4, 2010

Joey - Senior Chapel

Monday night Juli and I along with the kids drove to St. Louis so we would be there bright and early Tuesday morning for Joey's Senior Chapel. He graduates May 8th as a Minister, and this was his time to lead the church services at the college. That is my son that stood at the pulpit and preached words that will change peoples lives.

I was there when he first started college, and I was there at one of his first sermon's. This time was so different for me. As his Mother, of course I was proud, but as one of God's people, I heard his message loud and clear. I have replayed it about ten times on my computer, just to hear his voice, and just to help myself come to grip with the fact that this man is my son. His message was strong, respectful and full of truth.

This is the kid that had no sense of direction when he was a teenager. He couldn't drive across town and find the gas station. Wrongly, I helped him way too much with his homework and I made his life easy. Now he's found his way and all the hard work he's done has paid off.

Along the way he grew beyond what I had imagined. His faith is strong. He chose his path. He got married, and now he has a plan. Joey and Mariah are a good team. She believes in my son, and I love her for that. They both graduate from college in a few weeks. I am so proud of both of them.