Friday, March 26, 2010

Fair Share

This afternoon after Von went to milk cows, I settled the kids down with a new movie. I'm trying really hard to get them away from cartoons and more into movies that have a bit of meaning. So I picked the movie to buy today, and I bought it because it is Joey's all time favorite book. "Where the Red Fern Grows".

While Jay and Meg didn't get into the movie, and went to sleep instead .... Sam, on the other hand, didn't miss one single word of the entire movie. In fact, we watched it twice. Sam is deep. Deep in thought, and spiritually deep.

At the part of the movie when the Grandfather told Billy to think about his fair share and indicated that God would provide, Sam understood that. He perfectly explained it to me, and when it happened in the movie and God moved the wind to fall the tree .... Sam told me that God did it because Billy had done his fair share.

Today Sam developed a new trust in God, a new understanding and a new love of life.

He walked out onto the back porch where "Sammy" his old boxer sleeps most of the days now, and said to her, "Sammy Girl, I love you and you are my best friend, and I know God will always take care of you." He's wise. So wise for a five year little boy that loves God and his dog.

Sammy our boxer is really old ... and this winter she almost died. When Sam found her, it saved her life. She was half frozen, very sick and hurt. With a lot of tender loving care and medical attention Sammy survived. Every day Sam talks to her, rallies for her and pushes her on. He draws pictures for her and writes her letters and tapes them to the wall where she can see them. Every day.

I know the time is coming that Sammy is going to go to Dog Heaven, and my little Sammy is going to be devastated. I'll need that mythical Red Fern that only angels can plant when the time comes ... and I'll need to find a way to ease the heartache that my little guy is going to feel.

Sam is doing his fair share ... and the rest will be up to God.