Saturday, April 14, 2007

All about Marlboro Man!

Six years ago tomorrow, I met this man at a gas station and followed him home! Well, I didn't actually follow him home that day... just two days later! We both were pumping gas at the same pump and he was behind me. We both were thirty miles from home and neither one of us regularly went to this particular gas station. We both stared at each other ... he spoke first. His eyes attracted me, and they still do! His smile is genuine. He is genuine. He is humble. He is the man I love. He is the man I am married to. He is now a Father. My children's Father.

I'm a city girl and now I live out here deep in the country on a Dairy farm with Marlboro Man and our two and a half year old triplets, in a house that his Great-Grandfather built. His Grandfather and Father was born in our house. Marlboro Man's roots are here. Our children's roots are here. I am growing roots here .... sometimes it's hard to re root, especially when you're so very different and come from different walks in life and have different thoughts and lifestyles. What is it that draws two people together that are so different?
It's in the eyes .... it's the way they connect to yours and it's the unspoken words. It's the trust that you'll always be there. Marlboro Man is a quiet reserved man. He's a hard worker. He works this farm from sunup til sundown, just like his Father did. He took time to plant me here and he'll always take time to keep me here. He will always take time for our children and will continue to plant them in his ways.
It's in his eyes ... when he looks at me and our eyes meet, I know I'm loved, and as difficult at times as re rooting is ... he is always here to help me dig these roots in a little bit deeper. His eyes tell me so... and his smile!
I am so blessed,