Sunday, April 15, 2007

Born Together ... Friends Forever!

The little critters were watching Elmo tonight before they went to bed. They were sitting there so good and all three of them were holding hands. Meg leaned over and put her head on Jay's shoulder and he looked at me and grinned. They truly love each other so much. They have such a bond with one another. I hope they're always this close!
They stayed up a little later than usual tonight because I got called out to start an IV. M.M and the kiddo's went with me and they wanted the light on in the van so they could see. They were talking to each other, and to us. It made me so aware of how smart they are and how they now are little people with minds of their own. They can carry on conversations with each other now and we can understand them. Meg kept saying, "what you doing Daddy?" It's like music to my ears to hear them and to see them love each other so much. I've decided that three is the perfect number ... and no, my hands aren't too full!

Be Blessed,