Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prevention of a Poop Party!

Do you like Jay's pretty red jammies? Notice that he's an "All-Star?" It's plastered right there on his chest! Zipped right up the front and perfectly snapped into place. Because Jay is such a good boy.... he gets to wear his pajama's the right way! Jay is an "All-Star!"

Sam on the other hand has his "All-Star" plastered right in the middle of his back! Zipped up and snapped backwards. It's not that Sammy is made funny or his feet are turned around backwards to accommodate the pajama's or anything .... it's to keep this little "trickster" from getting out of them!
Sam is a "stripper!" He strips every time we put him in his crib. He takes off his socks, shirt, his pants and his onesie and takes off his diaper! He politely throws everything out onto the floor right into a neat little pile. He would take off these nice little jammies too if we put them on him frontwards. Trust me! I know! I've been there ... and there have been times that it hasn't been a pretty site!I often wonder if wearing his pajama's this way chokes him. It sure looks like it at times, but he doesn't complain or pull at his neck! When your kid strips and throws his little "turds" out onto the neat little pile of clothes that he's already shucked .... choking him a little just doesn't seem like a big, deal does it? (just kidding)
Meg is Sam's favorite cheerleader! ... and all good cheerleaders like to be a good audience. ... and what's a better way than to follow suite . . . Meg is a stripper too and she wears her jammies backwards as well! As you can see, Meg is wearing boys jammies in this picture ... but at least the boys aren't wearing pink and we definately have prevented another "poop party!"
Be Blessed,