Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meg's New Boots!

Meg was in her closet last night and she found these boots! Pretty little yellow rubber boots, size six, with flowers and pull up straps ... and right now, she loves flowers! So she had to wear her new boots. It doesn't even matter that they came from a yard sale and cost a quarter! They are her beautiful new boots!

She loves these boots! In just a short span of about 20 minutes ... they became her new favorite pair of shoes! In fact, they became her new favorite "everything!" She even took them to bed with her last night. She laid down in her crib with her boot straps on her arms and was smiling so big! The last thing she said to me was, "Mine, Megan's boots!"
First thing this morning ... on went her new found treasures! She wore her new boots to daycare this morning with a gorgeous Ralph Lauren denim jumper and the cutest striped leggings and had large pink bows in her hair and she bejeweled her arms with several dazzling bracelets! That's my Girl!
There is a little story behind these boots .... I bought them at a Mother's of Multiples yard sale when Meg was a mere 5 lbs. and very small. Living out here on this farm I thought she would wear them someday. The boots looked huge against her tiny little feet. Amazingly enough, she is now big enough to wear those boots and they are the perfect size!

These boots sat in the corner of the living room for the longest time ... for lack of having time to organize and put things away. Having triplets is very time consuming! As Meg grew, and the months passed on.... she wouldn't bear weight on her legs and they would just fold up under her. I lived in constant fear that she would never walk. As silly as this sounds... those boots reminded me that she might not ever run or wade through the barns with Sam and Jay. The doctors and therapist all said that she was fine.... she just wasn't ready to stand up yet. They weren't worried, but I was! I put the boots in the closet one day when I was cleaning and never thought about them again.
When Meg was almost 8 months old, on a Wednesday night she still wouldn't bear weight or stand. Nothing unusual, nothing out of the ordinary happened and she went to bed as usual. Thursday morning Meg was standing in her crib. I guess she decided that it was time now and nothing has slowed her down since. Seeing these boots again reminded me of how blessed I am!

Wishing you blessings too!