Sunday, May 27, 2007

Marlboro Man Loves Me!

He proved it today! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he proved it. It wasn't necessary that he shout it from the rooftops or publish it in the newspaper . He didn't have to write me a mushy letter or tell me he loves me for having his babies, and three at one time even. Nope, he never said a word. But I knew when I saw him quietly walk up the sidewalk and onto the back porch. His eyes were spelling L-O-V-E and he had a big grin on his face! He never said a word as he came in the door. He simply sat down two containers, picked up a baby and started changing diapers to help me get them ready for nap time before he went to milk cows.

My heart swelled so big and I instantly knew that I am loved beyond words. Marlboro Man is a man of few words, but he said it all when I saw what he left on the back porch!
I live so far out in the country that there isn't even a horizon! Just miles of farmland, cows, a few snakes, a few spiders and lots of flies! It took a lot to transplant me out here on this farm and Marlboro Man is making sure I stay!

Awww, the simple things make life worth living .... like being loved by a man unconditionally, and having no snakes or spiders within a 50 mile radius!

Although I do have to wonder if that stuff is a gimmick for us wussy wives that moved from the city to green acres? I wonder if he is going to sprinkle a circle around the house with that snake be gone stuff and laugh behind my back or will he be crying tears of laughter while fogging under the house for spiders? I wonder if Rural King laughs every time some very sexy tanned farmer man comes in and buys that stuff? Right now it doesn't matter! It did the trick! It made this woman very happy! I might even think about having more of his babies! But I am going to read the fine print on that Snake-A-Way stuff!

Be Blessed,