Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Birthday and Mother's Day!

Josh, Amy and Luke
Juli, Kelcie and Mark
My Mother's Day for this year has ended! It was a great day. We went to my sister Robin's in Illinois. She lives on a lake...literally. It was breezy and sunny and it was a perfect day. We cooked fish, ate and chased kids all day. We sat around and talked and laughed and yes, chased kids some more!
I got to see all seven of my kids today. Juli and Mark played around with Kelcie in the water .... Joey fished and Jared got to stay for a little while before he had to go to work. Josh had to work all day and I got to see him later in the day. It's hard to get your kids together when they have families and have other commitments.
To me, having a family that gets together is what life is really all about. Having a family to love is wonderful .. and having them love you is even better! I love my family and I am so blessed to have them in my life!
Juli wrote me a letter for Mother's Day .... I had ask her to do this. She started out writing about when she was small ... and led up to her being a Mother. I have to say, she made me cry and over all, this was the best present I've ever had in my life!
Be Blessed,