Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We Went Exploring ...

Daddy, Jay, Meg & Sam
in the field behind our house, and we found Hay! Lots of Hay! BIG bales of hay! ... and Jay asked about 40 times, "what's that Daddy?" "Hay?" "Cows eat Hay?" "Daddy, what's that Daddy?" "Hay Daddy?" "Daddy, what's that Daddy?" "Hay?" "Cows?" "Daddy?" "What's that Daddy?" "Hay?"

Sam poked sticks at the hay bales and ask, "Hay Daddy?" But Sam only ask once ... he was too busy getting the stick stuck in the hay ... and exploring! We can't keep up with that little fart! He's everywhere and all over the place all at once!

Meg on the other hand didn't like the hay ... she must have remembered when her Daddy sat her up high on the hay bale so I could take her picture .... Meg has a memory like a elephant! Nope, she wasn't having a thing to do with the Hay! The only thing Meg said was, "Megan go home Daddy!"
I love this picture ... the sun was setting and it put a beautiful glow on the bales of hay. But then again, I love any picture I take with Marlboro Man with his triplets in it!

Be Blessed,