Thursday, June 14, 2007

Goat in the Road!

If ever I needed my camera with me, it was today! As I was taking the kiddo's to the babysitter about 10:00 this morning .... we were driving down a little stretch of highway and I couldn't believe what was running towards me! It was a really big billy goat! It was white and had huge horns and was in my lane heading right towards me. A real goat! Big! With horns!

At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing ... I think I had a little moment for just a second that I doubted that I was awake and driving!

So, of course, I had to save that goat from getting run over ... or else I had to turn around and go back to see it again! The goat just kept on walking at a fast trot right down the middle of the highway with me following it with my flashers on! I was herding a goat on the highway in my mini-van with my triplets in there with me! How nuts is that? ... and they kept saying, "goat goat!" ... and Sam started saying, "MY GOAT!" Was this a hint that we needed a new pet?

For a brief second I wondered if this goat was homeless ... but then my common sense took over and being a farm wife myself I know that animals get out all the time. So I turned around and went to the nearest house ... no one was home! I went to another house and the woman that answered the door said she'd get a hold of the farmer that he (Mr. Goat) most likely belonged to.

I drove back up the highway to make sure the goat was okay and two mini-vans with women in them had stopped along side the goat. They got out and shoo-ed the goat around. He passed me and headed back in the opposite direction. These women ran along side of him, one on each side and I followed in my mini-van. The goat was smarter than we were ... he knew exactly where he lived. When he got to his driveway ... he turned left (so did the women) and we herded him all the way up the long driveway to his house.

I know I live out in the boon-docks, but I swear this was a highway ... a well traveled highway and not in no-where land! My kiddo's can vouch for my story .... there really was a goat! It really was a interesting morning and my kiddo's are still talking about the goat!

I think I'm going to ask Marlboro Man for a pet goat now!

Be Blessed,