Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Juli Beth ... you're 25!

Today is my daughter's birthday. It doesn't seem like twenty-five years has gone by since she was born. 1982, now it's 2007! All the years in between have just flown by and now she's all grown up and has her own little girl.
I can remember the night she was born like it was yesterday. I'm sure most Mother's can do the same thing. There is something about being a Mother that never lets you forget every single detail of your children's birth.

I didn't go into labor or my water didn't break in the middle of the night ... I simply went for my weekly Tuesday appointment and he said, "you're in labor, go on over to the hospital" ... I did and 4 hours later my first daughter was born! I was so moved and so full of emotion and so full of love for her.

She had a complete full head of hair .... jet black! Her hair was so thick and wavy that she looked like a little Indian papoose! If I hadn't watched her be born ... I would swear that she wasn't mine!

I can close my eyes and see every detail of her life at every stage and every age. Juli was good child and now she's a good woman and a good friend to me. I'm proud to be her Mother and I'm proud to say that the I love the woman she has become!

I do have to say ... Juli wasn't a good baby .... she was a beautiful baby, but she was a turd! She had colic and screamed every single day of her life for the first four months. It's kind of funny because I'm sitting here smiling thinking that she kind of was a screamer for the next 25 years .... or is that a girl thing? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JB! YOUR MOM LOVES YOU ...

Be Blessed,