Saturday, June 16, 2007

We Pooped! We Pooped! We Pooped!

Well .... only Jay pooped on the potty and I can't even post a picture of the turd! That would be very "sick-o" according to Marlboro Man! But I want too! But I can't! I didn't even take a picture of it anyway! Jay flushed it down the toilet right before he washed his cute little hands!

You should have seen how proud of himself he was! This was a true MONUMENTAL MOMENT! He yelled out really loud, "Daddy! I pooped a turd! Daddy! Look!" Of course Daddy came running and we clapped our hands and jumped up and down and Jay was so excited and he stuck his head into the toilet and said, "LOOK! A TURD!" We all looked and told him how wonderful it was and how big it was and what a BIG BOY he is! Then we called Aunt Janet and Jay told her all about his TURD! He talked about his turd the rest of the evening and even when I put him into his crib ... he was still talking about his turd. Sam even slowly said, "Jaaa-y! Tuuurrrd!" and rolled his eyes and shook his head like it was a great thing that had just happened! This one pretty little brown turd got more attention and caused more excitement than anything that has happened in our household in a long long time!

It also is the beginning of something I have been dreading for a long time! If any of them even so much as hears a word that sounds like p-o-t-t-y .... they started stripping buck naked! Everything comes off! I suddenly have three naked little kids all trying to go to potty! ... and this can happen several times a day! I almost avoid words that even start with the letter P! Think Tanya before you speak! No P words!

I had what I thought was the perfect plan. I intended to take a week's vacation from my job the second week in September and concentrate on potty training! I envisioned taking the boys outside while the weather was still warm and teaching them to pee on a tree! I was going to get Meg pretty pink underwear and teach her not to pee on Dora, or Cinderella, or Ariel, or who ever is on her underwear! I thought if I waited a month before they turned three years old, they would be ready and it would be easier ..... but Jay's little turd last night has started something that I don't want to do!

Be Blessed,