Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Triplet Pregnancy ...

I was thinking today about when I was pregnant with our triplets. I don't know why, but it was on my mind a lot today. This is Marlboro Man and I, when I was only 10 weeks pregnant. I was wearing maternity shirts by 8 weeks and filling them out nicely, not only in the boobs (that was the upside of triple trouble), but in the belly as well.

We knew we were having triplets, but the shock still hadn't soaked in. I think I have that "hehe, yes we're having triplets, and oh yeah, hehe, I'm almost 48 years old" look on my face, and MM on the other hand (50 years old), just plain looks like he is catatonic and unable to speak. Somedays he's still that way and they are almost three years old. When will it soak in?

The day we found out there were three babies, he turned white, and almost passed out! I was laying on the table and even I felt his knees buckle! Luckily, a nurse helped sit him in a chair and fanned him while he turned 40 different shades of pasty white and gray! I could hear him breathing hard, and I swear I saw his eye balls roll back in his head a few times and I also saw him repeatedly holding up three fingers in disbelief. I did figure out that the man could count though! 1-2-3! A-B-C! All the same when you're counting babies. He had jet black hair on the trip to the doctor's office .. but I swear it was half grey on the trip home!

The doctor on the other hand, was ecstatic! He was practically jumping up and down in excitement for us. I was crying and telling him, "just forget it ... I can't do that", and Von was sprawled out in a chair comatose, and he was telling us about mini-van's, extra washers and dryers, thousands of diapers and bottles and countless months of sleep deprivation. All with a big cheesy grin on his face! I do have to say, I don't regret one single moment of what we've been through and we are so blessed to have the meanest little kids in Indiana. I refer to them often as The Trio of Terror!

This is a ultrasound picture of all three heads. Trust me, I felt them in my ribs for months. The Doctor said that is very rare to have all three heads up at the same time. I don't believe him. I think they danced on my bladder the whole time they were inside of me! They played a little tune and hopped around in there until I was totally drenched many times! There is nothing like peeing on yourself 10 times a day and being so big that you can't hardly get up to make it to the bathroom! I wasn't a beached whale .... I was a wallowing wet whale most of the time!

I am a short person. Only 5 feet tall. This equals 60 inches! Two weeks before my little trio was born ... I was 58 inches around. This made me almost as round as I was tall. I don't know why MM didn't just roll me to the bathroom ... it would have made it a lot easier on both of us!

Be Blessed,