Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fried Green Tomatoes ...

Marlboro Man planted a big garden this year ... and he keeps bringing in sacks of these things! Long tender Green Beans! Enough to feed the whole county I think! Don't get me wrong ... I love Green Beans and so do the kids ... but what does he think I am? A Pioneer Woman! (sorry Ree!) You can visit Ree (Pioneer Woman) here.
After cooking Green Beans almost every single day this week ... I am getting no where fast. Marlboro Man keeps walking in every morning and sits a bag on the counter. The only thing he doesn't do is grunt like a caveman! I think he's testing me .... testing my stamina. I think he's comparing me to his ancestors who lived out here on this farm a couple hundred years ago. He's checking out my abilities. He's seeing if I'm capable! Capable of what? Enduring life on this farm? Or else he's comparing me .... comparing me to the only other woman he loved, his Mother.

His Mother canned and gardened and raised four children out here on this Dairy Farm. I just know that's what he's doing. He's comparing me to her! He's that kind of guy. The kind that truly loved his Mother and would like his wife to be just like her. I do have to say ... on "my list of highly admired people," Marlboro Man's Mother ranked up there in the top position. Even though I only knew her for a few years before she passed away, I got to know her well enough to know that she was one heck of a woman. I'd be proud to be just like her! Minus a few Green Beans of course! So I washed the Green Beans, broke them into little pieces, then got my handy dandy camera out and took some pictures. Some people I know might not believe me if I told them I was Suzie Homemaker today and canned all these Green Beans. I have proof now!
I stuffed them into these jars and put as many as I could pack in so I don't have to keep doing it for the rest of my life, or at least all weekend. Let me tell you, these babies are packed so tight the water floated on top!
Here they are steaming in the Canner right before I put the lid on ... I think I'll get 28 quarts canned today, and if MM brings more in tonight ... I'm going to scream! Isn't it enough that I married the man and bore him three babies at the same time? Isn't it enough that I gave up my weekly manicures for occasional cow poop? Isn't it just enough? Then, look what happened ...

I looked out the door and here the man sat ... surrounded by about 80 dozen ears of corn.

He says to me: "does this look ready?" Can you say, "can you put that off for about 3 weeks dear?" Does he think I'm superwoman or what? I've been up since 4:30 this morning and have about 44 more hours to go in this day before I'm finished with with all his garden commodities.

You guessed it! It's corn! Enough corn for all the racoon's in Gibson County, except MM made sure they didn't get any this year. Nope, he saved it all for me! He put a electric fence around the corn field so they wouldn't get in it! Obviously by the looks of our front porch and the back of his truck .... it worked! All I can say at this point is .... remember the movie Fried Green Tomatoes? Marlboro Man better watch out ... he could end up as Jelly?

Be Blessed,


P.S. Okay Folks .... I have to tell the real story now! Marlboro Man's dear sister Janet (whom I love very much), and who is just like her Mother, and her husband Mike came down this morning and helped do all this corn. They are our nearest neighbor and our right-hand man when it comes to helping us with the kids, or just helping us period. THANKS JANET AND MIKE FOR EVERYTHING ... one of these days when you least expect it, you're going to make it on my blog!