Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Long Walk

We went for a long walk this evening. We started out going to see the cows, then going to Aunt Janet's house, then on to the milk house and the farm. We only made it to the top of the first hill. Sam rode his cycle until he gave out and we hid it on the side of the road for his Daddy to come by and pick it up in his truck. Their Daddy came along and picked us all up instead.
As we walked, I stopped and let them get a little bit in front of me. It amazes me that they always hold hands and they always talk to each other now. I could hear them talking. Jay was telling Meg and Sam about a snake on the road and they kept looking on both sides of the road. I watched them weave from side to side looking in the ditch for a snake ... and they never let go of each others hand. They never found a snake either .... or we would NOT have been on that road.

Be Blessed,