Thursday, July 12, 2007

Guess Who Finger Painted?

Guess who didn't finger paint .... Guess who did! Here Jay was just loving it! Can't you tell by the happy smiling face he has on here? (just kidding) ... he really did have fun, and THEN he saw the mess on his hands ... ouch, it was not pretty ... by the time he wallowed around threw a fit to get down, the paint was all over me and Jay definitely had to have a bath! But, oh what fun he had! Sam (below) played the smear game. He smeared it everywhere. He just pretty much turned his pretty paint colors to chocolate brown. I'm not sure if we are going to finger paint again until they go to the 12th grade. I think I've decided that it's messy and I don't like getting paint splattered in my hair, my arm grabbed, and my shirt slimed with paint.I like Meg's way of finger painting .......She just talked about it. At least 268 questions and most of them being, " why?" Meg is P-R-I-S-S-Y! ... and prissy girls don't get dirty! See?