Saturday, July 28, 2007

Have Camera Will Travel

I got up early today, hours before my little critters .... and cleaned my house. I got dressed in real clothes and curled my hair, then I even put on some makeup. Because TODAY we're going Road Tripping! We're going out on the farm, down to the neighbors and we're going to have a picture taking day! No one in our way is safe today! I am Have Camera Will Travel today!

I have been in this house for almost a week and have a GREAT NEED to get out ... or else Marlboro Man is going to kill me! I have recuperated and I am in need!

Most of you that read these words know that I live on a Indiana Dairy Farm ..... so far out in the country that only the flies can find us! It's a beautiful place to live and a beautiful place to raise kids .... so today I'll be out shooting the scenery and anyone or anything in our way!

Pictures will follow!
Be Blessed,