Monday, July 30, 2007


This morning as I was driving the Trio of Terror to Daycare ... it hit me how very different life in the country is, versus life in the city. You would think since I've lived out here on this farm for over six years now, I might have noticed. You would think that it wouldn't have taken me six long years to see the difference. But it did. ... and I'm glad. Because now I think I appreciate it more.

After turning right out of our driveway, because my trio insisted, so they can go by the barns and see the baby cows. I noticed just how long and winding our road is. I noticed just how narrow and tree lined and just how green and curvy it is. I slowed down and rolled down the windows to let the breeze blow in on me and kids. The smell was amazing ... it seemed so clean. Why wouldn't I have noticed that before? I take this same route every morning, and I walk this road almost every evening with my kiddo's. Our narrow county road is almost a lane. I noticed the Sweet Pea in bloom along side the road. I noticed each Foxtail waving to us. It was as if time was standing still on our road. Nothing new or modern was in my view. I assume these trees have stood here for almost two hundred years. I wonder who planted them. Which one of their Grandfathers? Which ancestor?

I looked into every horizon. ... on my left, on my right and directly in front of me. Each horizon was farm ground .... precious farm ground that my husband plants each year. Farm ground that hasn't changed for generations. Farm ground that his Father, Grandfather and his Great-Grandfather planted before him. They set down roots here ... they started this dairy farm here. This is why we are here. This is Siekman ground. Our farm. Our home. Our roots. The place where we will raise these children. The place where they will raise their children. ... and so forth. Long after I am gone this will be here. ... and it will still be the Siekman ground. I suddenly became so amazed to think how long the roots here have already grown. It made me think of my life here on this farm. It made me wish that I had more memories of this place, or that I could have known the past Grandmothers of this farm.

I believe with all my heart and soul that the success to raising these children in our older years is to keep a simple life. Keep them honest, keep them rooted here, and instill in them the values and morals like the past Fathers and Mothers of this farm did, with their children. For the first time since they've been born, I think I want them to work this ground too. I want them to carry on .... I want them to have the kind of life that their Father had and still has ... I want them to be like him, and his Fathers' before him. I want them to live on this ground that is their heritage. I want them to be known and remembered as Siekman's. ... people that worked hard for a living and were honest folks. I want them to be humble and giving people ... just like their ancestors who gave them these roots.

Be Blessed,