Monday, August 13, 2007

I Know - I Know! I have triplets. Where's the other one?

I know! I'm missing Jay. Jay was too busy running all over the farm and visiting the cows, smelling the cow poop and chasing the baby kittens. Of course, these two were right behind him, but I couldn't ever get Jay to turn around. I couldn't get one good shot of him. None!
So after work tomorrow, my mission is to go back and visit the cows again and focus just on Jay. I could be filling my micro drive, but I will get a good shot of that kidlet named Jay. I'm just not fast enough to keep up with that little guy.

He did sit down once ... just long enough to show me cow poop on his shoe. Of course I had to lay my camera down to examine his cute little toes and make a big deal of the cow poop on his shoes and the end of his big toe. Plus, I have to be very careful to not embarrass them in their teenage years in about 12 more years. You have to think ahead when you're a Mom!

Our mission tonight over at the farm (and the storage house) was to go through baby things for our beautiful little niece Livia. She's getting all bouncy and standing up on her chubby little legs, and it's time to get out the Exersaucer and Jumperoo, and all the little things that Livy can use. Jay was busy in the house helping me and grabbing everything he could get his little hands on. Sam was digging for food and Meg kept saying, "ahhh, for baby Livy Mom?" as we pulled out all the little things they used to have not that long ago. They grow up so fast!

Tomorrow will be Jay Day! I promise!

Be Blessed,