Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Megan: Early Morning Photo Shoot

This Morning Meg woke up at 5:30 crying. I tiptoed into her room and quietly, tooth by tooth, unzipped her crib tent so I would not wake the boys. She stood there in her crib quietly waiting for me to get her. She stood there with all of her blankets and her pillow, and her baby doll ... knowing that I would take her to my bed and hold her and talk to her.

She napped a little longer and then got up for the day. Two hours early ... and left the boys upstairs sleeping. We took this stolen opportunity to have a photo shoot outside, just Megan and me. We took a little red chair outside with us and posed all over the yard. She wanted to sit on the rock .... so we did! She smelled the flowers .... and she felt special. She would twirl around, stop and say, "Cheese", and giggle.
It was fun to spend the morning with Megan alone. I should do this with each one of them ... wake them up early, take turns, and have a special time with them. But, my Mama always told me to never wake a sleeping baby .... I'm sure I should listen!

Be Blessed,