Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Equality .... and Triplets

Last night I had to go to Huntingburg to audit a couple of medication carts. (I'm a Pharmacy Nurse for those of you that don't know). Marlboro Man decided to ride along with the kiddo's since I'm not in that facility very long. He would take them to Wendy's for a "frosty" while I was doing my thing.

It wasn't quite dark as we were driving, and our little trio of terror was wide awake. We passed big trucks on the Interstate, we passed a few tractors, and we passed a few combines that the kids could see out in the fields. The boys love trucks, tractors and cows, or anything to do with farm life .... or anything that rolls on wheels. Needless to say, we made such a big deal about everything they were seeing and we were asking them questions about color and size and asking them if they liked the big red tractor, or whatever .... they were so excited and so thrilled. We made a game out of what we were seeing.

Quietly, Megan said, "Megan likes tractors too" .... in a little voice that came out of nowhere. She had been forgotten and left out. We had not included her in their game. It was all about the boys and all about boy things.

She knew that she had been left out. She had realized that, and had her feelings hurt. Never in a million years would I make a difference in one of my children. I felt like I had been slapped across my face with a wake up call that torn my heart out. I had hurt her feelings. I had set her a part from the boys and excluded her. It hurt.

I have to be so careful to treat them all the same ..... Equality! Everyone is equal. I have to make a conscious effort to always include each and every one of them in everything I do or say.
Megan made that very clear to me last night .... that I had made a mistake.

Every night I go into their room when they are sleeping ... I quietly turn on the light, I straighten up their blankets and remove the books and toys from their cribs. I gently lay my hands on each one of them and feel them breath. I watch them sleep and I pray for God to keep them safe and watch over them. They are individuals .... Equal Individuals .... they are Triplets! Three, but still yet One! Born Together .... Friends Forever!

Be Blessed,