Sunday, August 5, 2007

Swim Day!

We went down the road to Marlboro Man's sisters house this afternoon swimming. Guess who the Weenies were? Yep, it was my boys! Meg said so!

Jay finally got in. It took a lot of persuasion and a little bit of just force. Well, not really force, but just being bigger than him.
He still wasn't sure if he liked the water or not. He liked the ball .... just not in the water!
Meg loved the water. She stayed in the whole time. "Them Weenies" she said.
Sam had more fun on the outside. He liked throwing things in the water. He's a Weenie too!
He's a cute Weenie though!
Meg says, "They're just Weenies" ..... Boys are Weenies!
Be Blessed,
P.S. Happy Birthday Robin! (another wonderful sister) Love you Sis!