Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Little Boys

Yesterday afternoon these two little guys squeezed between the rail on the porch and the fence. The crack is barely big enough for these two kiddo's to turn sideways and make it through. (this will be fixed). I watched them from the kitchen window to see how they were getting out! Sneaky little critters they are!

As fast as lightning, they dropped to the ground and sped off as fast as their short little legs would carry them. One right after the other. They ran. Jay was in the lead as they rounded the corner of the house, not once looking back. Meg stayed on the porch like a good little girl. I grabbed my camera and was out the door and on their trail.

They couldn't see me watching them as they ran around to the side of the yard and through the garden. They stopped long enough to pick a tomato, then took off again at a full run. I could hear them talking when they were sidetracked by something that would catch their eye.

They ventured into the garage and sat on the lawnmower for a bit ... and played in the dog food. Sam had his hands full of dog food as they were running for the tractor they spotted in a barn. Across the barn lot they ran, throwing the dog food down, they stopped long enough to grab some hay from a bale sitting on the side of a trail.

They were on a mission. Two little boys that had escaped. Two brothers, in their innocence, so totally unaware of the dangers of being two years old, loose in a big world around them. Laughing at their freedom, and laughing at each other. Not knowing that their Mother's eyes would keep them safe. Not knowing that they had done anything wrong. Only knowing that they were together and had each other, and that they were having fun. They were exploring the world around them.

They ran by a pond, unaware of what lay on the other side of the path they were on. Up the path to the barn they went. Until their Mother called them back! Holding hands they slowly kicked the ground and came home. Home to the safety of the world they know. Home. Secure in the house with their Mother until their Daddy builds a new railing to keep them safe.

Boys will be boys, and I'm sure they will escape again, but I'm sure I will be watching over them with a Mother's eye and heart.

.... as always, be blessed.