Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Be Honest ... Am I Weird?

Okay ... you all know that I have triplets. That's "triple trouble" in this house! Triple blessed, but triple the mess! They're still in that stage of never picking anything up. So I am dubbed, "The Master Picker Upper" around here. Marlboro Man would rather trip over something than pick it up! He thinks we have way too much stuff! I love stuff and my kids love stuff!

Enough said. Here's what I want to know. (I can't hardly type this for laughing ... because I know that you're all going to tell me I'm nuts)

When you are picking up your kids toys and putting everything away .... (okay, I'm asking the question now ... deep breath!) Do you put them away in any certain order or position?

Such as ..... when you pick up a baby doll that is laying face down on the couch or in the toy box, do you turn her over and prop her up on a pillow so that she isn't face down and can see and breathe better? Do you? I don't go to the extreme of covering her up though. (I might come winter though). I do the same thing with stuffed animals too. They have to be face up! I would hate to lay on my face all night starring at the floor!

Do you straighten the racetrack up and connect all the little pieces so the little cars won't have a wreck at night? Do you turn the little cars back over on their wheels, and put them on the racetrack, or at least close by, so they won't have a hard time getting to it? Do you? I don't line them up in rows though, or arrange by color or anything .... that would be anal, and would indicate I have some major problems going on, and I don't! (I don't think)

Mainly, I just want to know if I'm the only Mom out here with these kind of issues! And, I'm sure if you haven't thought about it before now .... you will next time you pick up your kid's toys!

Sadly enough, they have lots of stuff and it takes me a little bit to do this every night. Marlboro Man just throws them in the corner, or kicks them out of the way with his foot. I can't stand that! He doesn't think about them not being able to turn themselves over!

Let me know what you think, okay? Is it just me? Or does everyone do that? OR, AM I JUST NUTS? (oh, I'm so glad that this is out in the open and off my shoulders! ... Relief!) I should never have watched that darn movie, Toy Story years ago!

.... as always, be blessed,