Saturday, September 15, 2007

"FarmHouse Kids" Bracelet Contest

Yes ... It's a Bracelet Contest! On top of being "The Dairy Wife", I have a little business called "FarmHouse Kids". I make these gorgeous sterling silver and swarovski crystal bracelets, and you can win the bracelet of your choice! Below is quite a selection either for yourself, someone you love or a child. Some are seasonal and some are personalized. Some are a treat for Mommy's and Grandmother's, and some are for the sassy little princesses in your life! If you don't see one that you absolutely can't live without ... I will design one of your choice based on your crystal color choices!

Here's the rules: In the comment section, tell me why you'd love to have a "FarmHouse Kids" bracelet. In your entry, you must beg, whine and plead! The best top three beggar's win an original "FarmHouse Kids" bracelet! Contest ends next Saturday (9/22/07) at high noon! Spread the word in your own blog and link back to this post, if you want to! (you all know know how much I like visitors). You may enter even you don't have a blog. Heck, you don't even have to beg ... just say why you'd like a FarmHouse Kids bracelet. Marlboro Man will choose all three winners! Tell it to him. Beg HIM to choose you!

1st place winner: you may choose the bracelet of your choice.
2nd place winner: you also may choose the bracelet of your choice.
3rd place winner: I will choose the bracelet of my choice, although I will be considerate of who will wear it.

Spread the word and may the best "beggar and whiner" win! Have fun everyone and you may enter more than once!

Now, let the begging begin! Go! Now! And Beg! Beg Marlboro Man to choose YOU!