Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Hot Baby!

A couple weeks ago, Marlboro Man made mention that we need to buy a new Van. He did this knowing perfectly well that I would jump right on it! I instantly started looking. I've called all the dealerships, and now have three salesmen in competition who are calling me on my cell phone every day, just to check in and see how the babies are, and root me on. Mainly, I think they're trying to get me in there. Once they reel you in ... you've got the bug to buy and their chances are better of selling. And I love to buy! I'm sure I told them that in our first conversation when I told them my life story.

Marlboro Man, on the other hand, is so tight he'd dehydrate before spending fifty cents on water. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just how he is. Me, well, I couldn't keep a dollar if my life depended on it. I want that new van. At this point, I want it real bad.

There is nothing wrong with the van we have now. We bought it brand new three years ago. It's a 2005 model, low mileage (who goes anywhere when you have triplets?), almost perfect condition if all the crumbs were cleaned out. But when we bought it .... I confused the salesman and we ended up buying one without rear air or rear heat, and the kids get too hot and it's too cold in the winter.

I was pregnant with them and on complete bed rest, in and out of the hospital almost every few days for hydration when we decided it was time to buy a van. We'd gotten over the shock and realized that, yes, we're really having triplets, and no, my car wasn't big enough for three infant carseats and all the stuff we'd need just to go anywhere. So we went to buy a van.

We drove into a dealership and parked up by the front door. Marlboro Man got out and instantly a salesman ran out the door to greet us. I couldn't walk and had to stay in the car. We bought our van without driving it, or without seeing it actually. It was almost dark. Being tight, MM ask the salesman which one was the cheapest. The young man started telling him the differences in the different packages, and MM interrupted him and said, "no, which one is the cheapest here?" The kid got a real funny look on his face and said, "you mean the whole car lot?" That was exactly what MM meant. I leaned over, as much as I could, and said, "I DON'T WANT IT!" I knew I would have that van for life and I at least wanted a radio!

After much talking about options and such and what was available, we made a decision. We were going to buy a goldish color new van. Suddenly, like I do frequently .... I had a episode of OCD, and ask him if there was a red one. When he said, yes ... I said, "I'll take that one!" ... and it was months later before we found out it didn't have rear air.

Last night I told MM that I found a new van I liked and thought we should go in and look at it. He said to me, "I was thinking. I think I can solve the air problem." (yeah right boy, what's your idea?) He said to me, very seriously, "You know that fan you bought a couple of years ago to put on the tractor, the one that plugs into the cigarette lighter?, We can use one of those and I can mount it up high to blow on them!" The man is dead serious! Dead. Serious.

My answer to him, "I have a better idea .... why don't you buy a DC converter and a box fan at Wal-Mart, they're on clearance right now for $11.00 and you can stand it up between the seats!" I am NOT dead serious! Not.

This weekend we're going to look at a new van! One that has rear air, and I am not going to have a episode of OCD in front of the salesman.

... as always, be blessed!