Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Fun Day!

The kids had their three year check up today and got their flu shot! The boys hadn't seen Dr. Stone since their two year check up, and Meg had seen her once in April for a follow up. Pretty impressive huh? Very impressive for three little kiddo's that started out so premature and so small.

Kelcie also had her appointment at the same time as well. She was in the room next to Sam, Jay and Meg. The kids could hear her crying as the Doctor removed the tubes from her ears, and they all glued their ears to the wall to listen. That was cute!

After their checkups, which went perfectly, since there are no issues with them, Marlboro Man left me and Juli with the kids, and we took them to eat Chinese food.

This was a first for us. Probably a last too. I never want to offend anyone, so if any readers are Chinese and work at "Kung-fu-poo-pie-po-pee-fung-lo-ling-ping-fu-fa-poo Buffet", I'm sorry, but I have to tell this.

We walk in with four - three year olds. Instantly we're celebrities. Not in English though. In Chinese. Almost everyone working there came up to greet us .... before we were seated. One young woman ask their ages, then would translate our answers back to the group that had gathered in Chinese. Then more questions. Then more translations. Finally we were seated.

THEN, they brought more workers from the kitchen and stood at our table and told the story again to them. I have no idea what they were saying about us. I hope it was good, but I'm not sure! They would point to me, point to Sam, Jay & Meg, point to Juli, point to Me, then point to Kelcie and giggle. I think they got it that I was Juli's Mother, Kelcie's Grandmom, and Sam, Jay & Meg's Mom too.

By the time we got the plates dipped for the kids and did bathroom duty one at a time with all four of them, we were there for almost two hours. I know that every employee in the place came to our table at least once and some twice. I wonder if triplets exist in China?

It was wonderful to spend the evening with Kelcie and Juli, after having lunch with Luke and Josh yesterday. They make my world go round!

Be Blessed Everyone!

P.S. I took pictures of the kids at the Chinese restaurant and while shopping tonight as well. BUT, I'm a chicken. Yes, a full blown chicken from town ... and it's way too dark out here in the sticks, and the dogs are barking, and it's late, so you all have to wait until the sun comes up before I can go out there and get the little camera I carry in my purse! Don't laugh at me now .... I'll know it! 'Bock - Bock!'