Friday, October 19, 2007

You've Blessed Me!

This is a brand new never been used before award. I created it yesterday because I have read a few blogs lately that touched my heart and won't let go.

It's about reading someone's story that grabs hold of your heart, and after you've moved on .... you remember, and are reminded that you've been blessed. It's about faith, and love and hope for ourselves, our future, our families and those we love. It's about empowering women and standing strong together. It's about the fight we have in us to survive relationships, abuse, cancer and loss of loved ones. It's about overcoming struggles that make us stronger and who we are today. Simply, it's about love. Loving one another.

The very first recipient of the new "You've Blessed Me" award goes to Helena at Thrice Blessed Momma. She is the strong Mother of triplets that lost her husband a year and half ago. He died very suddenly and left her to raise their children. Her children are beautiful and smart and so lucky to have her as their Mother. Two of them have Cerebral Palsy, but Helena makes their life beautiful. She is a wonderful Mother and from my heart to hers ... she blessed me.

The second recipient of this new award goes to WhyMommy. She is battling Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This form of cancer is so aggressive that she is battling for her life. Her life as a Mother to her very young boys and her life as a wife. Facing a future that she is so unsure of, she is the strongest woman I know in blog land. In her battle, when she has no strength left, she wills herself to Walk on. And she walked. Even though she completed the mile in the Race for the Cure ... it wasn't just the mile she walked. She's walking SO much more. So from my heart to yours, WhyMommy ... you have blessed me.

Speaking of Walking On, Cynthia at Walking On deserves this as well. On the ladder of hard knocks, she's been there. She is strong and powerful. The words she writes holds power for all women. If we would listen as we read her words, they all have meaning. Her words can be life changing for a lot of women. Not only has she walked the walk of domestic violence and won, she is becoming the eyes for three of her children that are losing theirs. She also found strength to write to her daughter about the sexual abuse her daughter endured at her own Father's hands. Cynthia, from my heart to yours, .... you blessed me.

There is a baby named Ivey Elizabeth that was born without eyes. She is beautiful and her Mother loves her so much. Ivey received her new eyes, and they are the color green. Even though she will live in darkness, she will see the light. God is using her, and will make sure she'll see rainbows. Go see her and leave a comment for Ivey. She will truly touch your heart like no other. Ivey, from my heart to yours, ... you bless me.

So, from my heart to yours ..... you bless me! I hope to see this award floating around for many years to come. Everyone reading this today ...please take it and give it to someone that has touched your heart. Please let them know that you were blessed by the words they wrote.

Please mention this post originated here and link back to it, and spread the Blessings!