Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apples and Cokes

After their birthday party this afternoon, and after everyone had left, we escaped to the yard with the camera. It was too late for a nap and they were way too cranky to be inside with each other.

It's so funny how much a barely three year old can remember. Jay wanted his picture taken and he ran over to where I had taken a senior girl last week. He stood in the door way and smiled just like he was posing. THEN, Sam and Meg joined him and they went in .... and found apples and diet coke in the fridge. I didn't have the heart to take the cokes away from them.

Here's Sam with his apple. He had three apples. He dropped the first two and had to have a new one each time. Now I have a couple apples with a few bites out of them with a bit of dirt on them.

Jay held onto his too tight to drop it. Usually with both hands.
We walked around outside until they were out of the 'fighting mood' and their apples and cokes were gone.
Then we posed for a picture or two! Just like a senior girl!
Where's Meg? In way to bad a mood for a picture .... I'll catch her next time!

Be Blessed Everyone ...