Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brown isn't my Favorite Color .... Anymore!

I just received a phone call from UPS. They can't find my house, but they come here about three times a week for something or another on the farm. They find it then! Every time!

I think that the last five times or so that I've ordered something and UPS has delivered, they can't find me, and they call late at night to ask for directions, which guarantee's that you won't get your package until the next day.

I ask the woman calling why they didn't call when they were out here trying to find me? It would certainly save gas money instead of coming thirty miles back out here tomorrow. She said the driver doesn't have a phone. Yeah right! I said, "This is 2007 and even ten year olds have telephones, but the UPS man doesn't have a cell phone?". Answer is NO! I told her they need to pay him more so he can afford one. I ask if he has a GPS system. NOPE! No GPS system. I ask her, "what does he do when he has a flat tire out in the country? Does he wait until he's reported as a missing person, and a search party is sent out?" She said she didn't know. I ask her if they just wander aimlessly through the country trying to find people and she actually said, "Yes." I think I flustered her. Surely. I then ask her if they had a direction plan before they left for their route, such as map quest on the Internet which is free. She said, "No."

I told her I paid for 2nd day air delivery through UPS and ask if I can be reimbursed the 12.95. She said that it is their policy to not reimburse. I told her it shouldn't be their policy to guarantee delivery then.

By this point, I knew that I wasn't getting my package tonight, and that the UPS man was probably still out here somewhere lost or he'd found a pay phone and called home! Geesh!

I don't think I'll be using UPS anymore if I have a choice. Brown isn't my favorite color anymore!

Be Blessed everyone,