Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Talented Woman

I was 'blog hopping' late last night and one of my favorite blogs to make 'googly eyes' at, is Nan over at Nannybird. She made a purse out of candy wrappers. It is very pretty and I love it. I'm going to whine for one. So everyone go visit Nan and leave her a comment and tell her that The Dairy Wife loves her purses and really needs one. If she doesn't take the hint, I'm going to have to order one from her. (do you sell them Nan?) I think they are the next Vera Bradley!

She also quilts. She has beautiful quilts! I especially love the Cathedral Window quilt that she has on her sidebar. I have one too. My beautiful little Mother in Law made it years and years ago ... and I am the lucky duck to end up with it. It hangs on my living room wall. I think of her and all those tiny little stitches that she put into it. Although I have a lot of quilts that she made, this one seems special to me!

Be Blessed Everyone!