Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's Delurk Day

Hey Everyone! Today is the day to 'delurk' .... in case you don't know what 'delurk' is, it means it's time to come forward and comment. Let me know who is out there. Even if you're shy ... just leave a little comment!
How about we do this as a little game. You leave a comment telling me your first name (yes, you can make one up) and I'll make up a little acronym using the letters of your name. You can check back in and see what I've come up with. Come on everyone ... now's your chance to keep me hopping!!!!
Here's how it works: Tanya = Trouble always needs your attention! Get it?
Just leave your name, so I know who's visiting me and I'll have fun playing! Of course, you can always let me know if you like me or if you don't, but just let me know you've been here!
This is a national holiday and is mandatory if you're a blog reader! (just kidding)
Be Blessed Everyone, and have fun!